Setting inflated goals (for example, losing 10 or more kg per month)

Often, such goals are born after many years of life in the cycle “A lot of work – health will wait.” This period is often characterized by a complete lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diets, increased stress, alcohol abuse, and chronic sleep deprivation. It is necessary to get out of the state that was the result of such a life very carefully and gradually. There can be no revolutionary methods that give instant grandiose results;

Emphasis on losing total body weight rather than improving body composition

Exhausting oneself with all sorts of diets, indeed, in the short term, you can see how the arrow on the scales moved in the cherished direction. But this effect may not be sustainable. The body begins to think that the times of hunger have come and begin to zealously “protect” its fat reserves, saving it in case of emergency. Muscle and bone are sacrificed. This, in turn, can lead to dangerous consequences – fragile bones, unhealthy skin, a weak heart (the heart is also a muscle).

The correct goal is to reduce the percentage of body fat and increase muscle mass;

Throw themselves headlong into the hardest workouts

It seems that the harder the workout, the faster the result will be. This is not true! The body is not able to “digest” the load that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. As a result – injuries and unwillingness to play sports for the next few months.

In addition, a weak, untrained body during such training can very quickly fall out of the process, even before reaching the end of the training.

First, you need to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, and heart. TRX and Cardio workouts at a low heart rate are ideal for this;

No time to recover

First of all, to sleep. After all, it is during sleep that processes occur that are designed to bring all organs in order and prepare the body for the next day.

Also important are weekly recovery workouts for stretching, flexibility, at Trigger Point, the task of which is to put the muscles in order after a week of intense training;

The work is chaotic, without a system, plan, and understanding of what, why and in what sequence to do

This leads to the fact that several nutritional and training options change in a short time. An organism that has not yet had time to get used to the “new life” is in constant stress, during which it begins to stock up for a “rainy day”.

 Lack of results and excessive nervousness inevitably leads to disappointment and quick cooling of the newly emerging ardor to take care of oneself;

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