Why is the weight worth – this question is periodically faced by many. There really can be many reasons.

You are eating more than you need to.

Only by counting calories can you understand the energy value of food. Alas, counting by the eye does not always work – hence sometimes a 100-150 calorie candy can be decisive in the scales. If you have never used calorie counting programs before, be sure to try, well, there is nothing complicated in them. Our recommendations: MyFitnessPal, LifeSum, Fat Secret.

The premenstrual period in women.

Most women in the premenstrual period can gain extra pounds, the rest, who managed to avoid this fate, simply belong to those who are less susceptible to estrogen, “thanks” to which the body retains fluid, swells the breast, becomes nervous and irritable and, what is the most unpleasant, the feeling of hunger increases. But, fortunately, after this period, the weight returns to normal, however, if you strictly follow the diet during menstruation.

Losing weight too quickly in the beginning.

The norm is 2.5-3 kg per month, maximum with excess weight up to 10 kg. With obesity, the norm may be 5-7 kg. With a strong and sharp decrease in caloric intake (for example, a strict diet or an inadequately low daily calorie content), at first, the numbers on the scales are pleasing and the rate of weight loss is incredible, but, attention, this is the excess fluid and muscles! Muscles are the most energy-consuming substance! The more there are, the more energy the body needs for life! With a decrease in muscle mass, the metabolic rate slows down, and with it, weight loss.

You don’t count liquid calories and snacks.

There is no point in explaining to a losing weight person about the need to count calories. But what if you count them incorrectly, which means that you seriously underestimate the calorie content of your diet? After all, a glass of lemonade, milk, or a cup of latte contains quite a few calories.

For example:

latte – 350 ml / 135 kcal a

a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice – 100 ml / 47 kcal a

glass of cola – 250 ml / 110 kcal

Also, it is possible that you do not consider all sorts of little things, like one cookie for lunch or a couple of sweets for tea … These snacks can easily add up a decent amount of extra calories throughout the day.


Hormonal failure is a rather dangerous thing, the hardest thing to recognize is in yourself without the necessary tests and consultation with a doctor. The most important thing in this case: listen to your body. If you have been eating a calorie deficit for a long time, weighing each serving and monitoring the quality of the food consumed, and the weight is stagnant or growing, do not hesitate and see a doctor as soon as possible. Remember that hormonal disruptions can cause problems for more than weight gain.

Lack of sleep, the habit of staying up late.

If you regularly go to bed after midnight, the production of hormones that affect the feeling of hunger and satiety (leptin and ghrelin), as well as melatonin, which has antioxidant and anticancer activity, is disrupted. According to statistics, people who work night shifts are more likely to suffer from obesity and cancer!

No need to panic if the weight is worth a week or two, first exclude nutritional or activity factors, count calories. And only in case of prolonged stagnation of weight with ideal nutrition and regular exercise, you should consult a doctor.

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